Fall Welcome Wreath


Oct. 1, 2005: Note: someone has tubed the above image (before I watermarked it) and claimed it as their own, it is circulating around Yahoo Groups. If anyone knows who tubes with the initials "TG", please let me know, Thanks.


Materials Needed:

PSP 6.x or 7. x - Get it here

Jasc tubes - Thanksgiving, Autumn and Halloween sets - get them here

A wood pattern - I got mine here. There are some here as well.


Thanks to PSP Magic for this award. Please click on the graphic to go to their results page and see the lovely images they made with this tut.

Note: Wherever I say to add a new layer, add a raster layer.

1. Open a new image 500 x 500. Flood fill with white if desired.

2. Add new layer. Name it "outline". Click on your preset shapes tool,
line width 3, antialias checked, create as vector and retain style UNchecked, set your foreground colour to a contrasting one to your background (I used black) and your background colour to null as shown:

Starting in the centre of your image (250, 250), holding your right mouse button down, draw a circle as big as you want. This is a guideline for your wreath and will be deleted later. To make it a circle, watch the set of numbers in your lower left corner , the two numbers in each set should be the same. (If you are using PSP 6.x then just use the circle shape and you won't have to worry about this).

3. Add new layer and name it "leaves". Take your leaf tube and size to your
preference, I used 85%. Make a circle with your leaves, using the outline to guide
you. Hint: I used the overview window to see how it was taking shape. You can always come back and add more later if you wish (the beauty of layers).


4. Add new layer and name it "Pumpkins". Using the pumpkin tube, I set mine at 85%, add a few pumpkins to the wreath


5. Add new layer and name it "pinecones". Add some pine cones, I sized at 40%.

6. Add new layer and name it "corncobs". Put down a few corn tubes, I used sizing
of 20%.

7. Add new layer and name it "nuts". I used 20% and added a lot more than of the other objects.

8. Make sure you are happy with each layer. I dragged my pumpkin layer to the top as I didn't want any of the other objects overlapping it in front. Once you are satisfied, delete your outline layer and then sharpen each layer (Effects--->Sharpen--->Sharpen in PSP 7.x or Image--->sharpen--->Sharpen in PSP 6.x). Turn off your background layer and merge visible the rest, renaming your merged layer to "wreath". Turn your background layer on again.

9. Image--->Resize to 50%, making sure "Resize all layers" is UNchecked. With your mover tool , move the wreath to the bottom of the canvas and sharpen again.


10. Add new layer and name it "sign". With your selection tool , feather 0,
antialias checked, draw a rectangle above the wreath and flood fill with your wood pattern - for the wood fill that I used, I sized it at 50%.


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